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732area has new update 22 hours ago Top Things To Do in Summit, NJ, with Kids
Named for its location at the top of the Watchung Mountains, the town of Summit, NJ, is worth the trip. The six square miles that make up this great town offer the perfect mix of city chic and outdoor fun. Summit boasts an eclectic downtown that's teeming with boutiques and restaurants. In addition, the town's great parks, recreational facilities, and outdoor attractions make for a fun family trip. Check out some of our favorite Summit destinations and attractions below.  For even more great North Jersey towns, check out our Guide to Great Small Towns in Northern NJ. 
732area has new update 1 day ago 2023-24 Gamethread #56: New Jersey Devils vs. Our Hated Rivals
Bring it, Jack. | Photo by Andrew Mordzynski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images The New Jersey Devils need the points. Our Hated Rivals, who sit in first, do not need to give them would likely want to deny their rivals a chance at the postseason. As ever, this rivalry game will be huge. Support the Devils here in this Gamethread. Our Favorite Team. Our Hated Rivals. One team needs the points. One team would love nothing more to deny them those needed points. You know who the good guys are here. The Time: 7:00 PM ET The Broadcast: TV - MSGSN, MSGSN2; Radio - Devils Hockey Network (on Audacy) The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. Our Hated Rivals, the New York Rangers The Song of the Evening: A message to the Devils: “The Only Thing They Fear is You.” The Rules: The rules remain as they are as we all want the Devils are playing Our Hated Rivals. Please keep your language clean (this means no swearing, don’t mask it, it’s not enough), respect your fellow Devils fan with no personal attacks (play nice or you will not play here), no illegal streams (this means no asking, no hints, no nothing about it), and please keep comments relevant to the game. Go Devils.
732area has new update 1 day ago How Frank Sinatra Became Hoboken’s Favorite Son
[caption id="attachment_328722" align="alignnone" width="778"] Illustration: Raul Arias[/caption] Frank Sinatra was 15 when he quit school and began singing at church-basement dances and social clubs in his native Hoboken. He hooked up with a trio called the Three Flashes, and together they passed an audition for Major Edward Bowes’ Amateur Hour radio program—the American Idol of its day. Bowes made Sinatra part of the group and renamed it the Hoboken Four. That episode was short-lived, and Sinatra went back to singing locally. In spring 1938, when he was 22, Sinatra took a job as a singing waiter at the Rustic Cabin, a roadhouse on a desolate stretch of Route 9W in Englewood Cliffs. That’s where the popular bandleader Harry James discovered Sinatra and signed him to sing for $75 a week. Next, Sinatra joined Tommy Dorsey’s band and sang his way to national stardom. Splitting from Dorsey, Sinatra made his solo debut at Newark’s Mosque Theater. That led to his historic sold-out performance on December 30, 1942, at New York’s Paramount Theater. By that time, Sinatra was living in Hasbrouck Heights with his first wife, Nancy. As Sinatra’s career took off, he abandoned New Jersey for Hollywood. Still, he often slipped back into Hoboken to visit his parents at the grand home he had purchased for them at 909 Hudson Street or to buy trays of chocolate-covered apricots at Lepore’s on Fourth Street. MORE FROM OUR POP CULTURE ISSUE: The 50 Biggest Pop Culture Moments in New Jersey Get to Know NJM Cover Star Jack Antonoff Why New Jersey’s Live Music Scene Will ‘Always Be Booming’ Martha Stewart Is a New Jersey Icon Who Always Keeps Fans Guessing No one knows New Jersey like we do. Sign up for one of our free newsletters here. Want a print magazine mailed to you? Purchase an issue from our online store. The post How Frank Sinatra Became Hoboken’s Favorite Son appeared first on New Jersey Monthly.
732area has new update 1 day ago The New Jersey Devils Now Have a Jersey Ad Patch
It has finally happened: the New Jersey Devils now have an ad from RWJBarnabas Health on their jerseys. They will begin wearing them tonight. This is a post of me standing athwart sports and going “Ugh.” Mark it down. On February 22, year of our Lord 2024, the New Jersey Devils will no longer have no third-party advertisements on their jerseys. They have announced a “fortification” of their partnership with RWJBarnabas Health, a connection between the healthcare group and the Devils that goes back multiple decades. Amid all of the corporate speak and some tangible community efforts announced, the partnership brings itself with a branding. A patch on the jersey: Proud to carry @RWJBarnabas with us every time we hit the ice at The Rock.— New Jersey Devils (@NJDevils) February 22, 2024 It is the end of an era. Since the organization founded in Kansas City in 1974, the jerseys have had no advertisements from an outside party on their sweaters. That ends today as the team will be wearing its new marks against Our Hated Rivals this evening at the Rock. In a sense, this has been some time coming. Multiple NHL teams have jersey ads, similar to what the NBA teams have. Small yet somewhat noticeable logos by the shoulder, ideally to mesh with the design of the jersey. The NHL and NBA do not (yet?) follow in the Tradition of Soccer to have the team logo secondary to the people who fronted a heap of money to be on their chest. Still, the doors for this were opened when helmet advertisements were allowed in the NHL. Now the New Jersey Devils have been assimilated into this movement. This is the Internet so I do need to acknowledge the sniveling pedantic orbiters of the sport like Greg Wyshynski that would say something like, “Well, ackshually, there has always been advertisements on jerseys and in other parts of the sport and you live with that so live with this.” Begrudgingly, Greg and your ilk. Just like people begrudgingly watch ESPN+ for hockey. The reality is that marks of the people who make the jersey or the league that the team plays for are understood because they have direct involvement in that jersey existing. The people who perform a service or make the product have a real argument to say that they should be acknowledged on their work. The Devils are a member of the NHL and would understandably want their logo involved as to show that. The jersey did not and does not need RWJBarnabas Health to exist. Yet, here it is. The other adjoining argument from the Wyshynski-esque advertiser-defenders is that the team needs more revenue. And maybe, somehow, someway, this will benefit me, the fan. Which, sure, from the team’s standpoint, they do need revenue. That’s a business. That’s the professional in professional sports. I do not see how that benefits me. Because it has not. In my lifetime, I have seen ads get added to the ice, digitally added to the end glass and boards on TV or online, helmets, and now the jersey. As well as other increases in hockey revenue, such as new teams being added to the league. Not once have my ticket prices have went down because of this infusion of new revenue. I recently got my 2024-25 season ticket invoice, I can confirm they have not gone down. Not once have concession prices at Rock have been reduced because the Devils are getting more money coming in; of course, they have a bigger problem such as consistently providing edible food. Not once have merchandise prices went down because of infusion of revenue. Or prices for anything else involving this sport; which now includes me paying for an online subscription to ESPN+ just to watch my team play on top of giving James Dolan (MSG) money. I am supposed to believe that will change with jersey ads? Get out of here with that nonsense. The Devils are owned by people worth billions and just bought a NFL team. They are a salary cap team using long-term injured reserve to be cap compliant. Money is not at all an issue for the team. The 2023-24 Devils have problems but money is not one of them. Therefore, I am certainly not going get any benefit from this new partnership. No, seeing RWJBarnabas Health more often is not a benefit for me. This also brings up another disappointment of this ad. Instead of expanding their pool of sponsors, they are sticking with one I am already quite familiar with. RWJBarnabas already sponsors the practice rink, the awkwardly named RWJBarnabas Hockey House, and gets advertised in games and on broadcasts. Someone different would have been a nice change of pace. Maybe someone who does not have a logo that is half blue and therefore makes the ad stick out like a sore thumb. That said, the purpose of the jersey ad is a means to get more money for the organization. If RWJBarnabas offered more money than everyone else, then I get it. And that it sticks out is part of the point of an ad. Why pay for an ad that no will immediately see? Which brings up a larger issue about advertising in the sport. The older members of the People Who Matter can recall when boards did not have any ads and any sponsors would be part of the broadcast or game experience. And there was time before where even that was minimal. I am old enough to remember when the ice was ad-less, digital ads on the boards or glass were not a thing, and those ads did not involve a constant push to get people to throw their money away and divide their fan loyalties by gambling. No, I really do not care if you hit your parlay. At some point, the ads start becoming background noise that do not pay much attention. Even the ads on the boards have given way to digital ones on broadcasts; I cannot imagine those paying for the physical ads are happy about that. Or will pay as much in the future. So either the ads have to become more obvious to get your attention, get into more places (third party ads on equipment? coaches wearing ads on their suits?), or they have to work in getting you to buy a thing. It probably will not be the latter since there are more and more ads being added. Even if a saturation point has yet to be met, I fail to see why I should be excited or in favor of new ways to have a sponsor let me know about them while I try to follow my favorite team in hockey, something I actually care about. (Aside: I have zero control or say on the ads here. And even I ignore them.) This is not even bringing up another factor: Fanatics. Their reputation among fans, including the People Who Matter, is understandably bad given their errors and bizarre excuses to not give people product for the large prices they charge (see: Stadium Series Devils jerseys). They are set to take over jersey manufacturing for the league next season. Given early reviews of their Major League Baseball uniforms by players and fans - set to be used by the pros this year - a drop in NHL jersey quality is reasonably feared. With an ad now opposite of a captain’s or assistant’s letter, this is not a sartorial situation set to get any better any time soon. To be fair, this was a seeming inevitably. The moment the NHL allowed ads on jerseys was going to lead to this happening. It just so happened it would be today. Ultimately, this is me standing athwart sports and going “Ugh.” Thank you for reading.

Saturday Specials in Toms River

Elixir Bar & Grill
2222 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison NJ, 08817
Happy Hour 3pm to 5pm

Late Night Happy Hour 10pm to 11pm
McIntyre's Pub
Bar & Restaurant
1747 Hooper Avenue, Toms River NJ, 08753
Acoustic Solo & Duo's every Saturday
Aqua Blu Kitchen & Cocktails
Bar & Restaurant
3410 New Jersey 37, Toms River NJ, 08753
Happy Hour 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

$5 Glasses House Wine
$6 House Martinis
$7 Aperol Spritz
$3 Peroni Bottles
$2 Domestic Drafts

Cuban Sliders (3) $12
Meatballs $9
Mac & Cheese $10
Fried Calamari $10
Steamed Mussels Red or White $12
Margherita Pizza $10
Wings Chilli Lime or Buffalo (6) $12
Guacamole & Chips $10

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